Refund Policy

If you are unable to make a session, please call the main office at 248.646.3347 in advance. In the event of a last minute notification after 5:00 PM, please send an email directly to your therapist/instructor.

Missed Sessions

Private Sessions

Only one make-up session per semester is accommodated, regardless of the number missed. Make up sessions will be held during make up week, which is scheduled at the end of the fall and winter semesters respectively. No additional arrangements will be made for clients who do not attend sessions to which they are entitled. A time credit will be issued if cancelled by a therapist/instructor or due to weather (see below).

FAR Group Shot

Group Sessions

Make up group sessions will only be scheduled if a session is cancelled by a therapist/instructor or due to weather or building conditions (see below). No reimbursements, credits or make-up sessions will be made to clients who do not attend group sessions that are held as scheduled.

Time and Tuition Credits

Time Credits

Time credits will be applied when sessions are cancelled by

  • FAR therapists, instructors or coaches
  • FAR administrative staff (e.g., in the case of inclement weather of building issues—see more below)

In these circumstances, caregivers should discuss rescheduling options with the therapist. If no workable make-up time can be arranged, a tuition credit will be applied to your account.

Please note, credit requests must be submitted to the office by your therapist and are subject to approval.  Accrued credits expire six months after their issue. Credited session time will not be converted to monetary reimbursement.

Tuition Credits

Tuition credits will be made when

  • A group is cancelled by FAR due to insufficient enrollment
  • No workable make-up time can be arranged for sessions cancelled by FAR staff


Generally speaking, tuition and fees are not refundable. However, some adjustment may be made at the president’s discretion in other special circumstances and upon written request.

Session Cancellations

Weather Related Cancellations

FAR’s decision to close due to weather is made independently and will be communicated via the website. Please check for weather related closures. The decision to cancel daytime sessions will be made by 8:00 AM; the decision to cancel evening sessions will be made by 2:00 PM Please note: some FAR locations may remain open when others are closed.

Building Related Cancellations

In the case of unexpected building issues, such as power outages, you will receive a call from either your therapist/instructor or the FAR office. Please understand that the nature of these emergencies is often last minute; advance notice will be provided if possible.

Refund policy